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Laundrette (Laundromat)
Commercial Laundry

Mackleeners is Lochaber and Argyll's premier linen hire service. We only offer the finest linen and towelling, no two tier system, just the best! Your guest's can be assured of the levels of comfort they expect from a high end establishment such as yours.


In fact we only use one supplier for our linen, Richard Haworth.

We believe attention to detail is key. Laundering is not always a simple process, it's an art and science combined. As stains get more complex (such as with make-up and tanning products), we need further advanced detergents, stain removers and the knowledge and experience to use them effectively. We constantly work with our detergent supplier, Christeyns, to make sure we have the most advanced formula's available. We don't believe that cheap detergents and chlorine bleach are a suitable way to care for textiles.


In fact we rarely ever use chlorine bleach, firstly it's bad for the environment and we like to do our best to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible in a sector that, if not monitored can have a detrimental effect. Secondly it's just not good for the textiles themselves. The result of chlorine bleach is a gradual greying to linen, reduced bounce and fluffiness to towelling and overall a reduced life span of the fabrics. With the manufacturing of textiles in it's-self an environmentally harmful process, extending the life span of the linen reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing multiple times over. Does your current linen supplier provide you with "Fifty Shades of Grey"? This is due to the use of chlorine bleach as bleaching agent (hey, it's cheap right?) but as this proves, for linen care the results are below par.


All our detergents are non-biological and biodegradable and dosed to the machines by a software controlled dosing station. This ensures that no residual chemical is left in the linen after the final rinse. The benefit of this is that your guest's won't have an itchy, uncomfortable night's stay.


Want to see your Trip Advisor ratings soar? Come to us, we know and understand that the first point of contact a guest has with their room is the bed. And with a reject rate of less 1% of all the item's we process, we are confident you'll be extremely happy with the "whiter" than white bed linen and soft and bouncy towelling. 



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